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Reliability and performance in your computers are critical to your business.  A broken computer can cost hundreds or potentially thousands of dollars in person-hours and lost revenue.  That’s why System Solutions only uses Lenovo computer systems.

The business-class machines we sell have three-year warranties, and are all reliable, high performance machines.

Lenovo Desktops and Laptops

Lenovo computers are built to last.  We know that you don’t need the time, hassle, and expense of replacing your computers every year or two.  That’s why all Lenovo computers are designed to last three to five years, depending on which model you choose.

After taking over IBM’s desktop and laptop division, Lenovo has continued to produce high quality machines built for business use.  In addition to many models of ThinkCentre workstations, Lenovo produces the ultra-reliable and performance-oriented ThinkPad series of notebooks.  These have a reputation for being not just solid, but virtually indestructible.  A reliable computer ensures that things get done.

Let us help you establish an upgrade cycle that is practical for your business.  Contact us today.

Lenovo Servers

Every server we sell is a Lenovo server.  Why?  Simply put, these are the most reliable, flexible servers and they are the de-facto standard in business grade hardware.  They feature rock-solid engineering, high performance, and the reliability your business needs in a server.  All Lenovo  servers are backed by a three year warranty.

If your data is important, you want an Lenovo server.


System Solutions carries a wide variety of networking equipment and the expertise to deploy it in a way that benefits your business.  Some of the vendors we carry include Amer Networks, Linksys, D-Link, ASUS, and Polycom.

We recommend the equipment that best fits your needs and budget, with a wide variety of options to choose from.   We won’t install anything we feel is unreliable, and we can explain to you how your choices will impact your day to day operations in plain English.

Don’t hesitate to ask us about any networking issue.

Contact System Solutions for a full evaluation of your hardware and networking needs.