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Lenovo V330

February 10, 2019

Computers have to be reliable to get the job done on a daily basis. With the Lenovo V330 15-inch laptop, you can stay value-focused without sacrificing performance and reliability. Thin and stylish with a 180-degree hinge, this power-packed laptop keeps productivity—and confidence—high.

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Everybody needs a break. After working hard in your business it’s great to take a holiday, but all that good cheer and relaxation will go out the window in a moment if your business suffers an IT disaster while you’re away.

Here’s a short checklist that we suggest you follow to help you avoid a holiday-wrecking business catastrophe:

  1. Check your firewall is up-to-date (software and firmware)
  2. Check your server is up-to-date (latest patches)
  3. Update all security software on servers and PCs
  4. Run a full back up and make sure a copy is offsite
  5. Test that your backups work (i.e. run a trial restore to make sure everything comes back)
  6. Ensure all on-going services are all paid for and will not expire over the holidays